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IBM announces three Watson-based cloud apps

IBM has released three new cloud apps based on the firm’s Watson super-computer’s cognitive computing technology.

The firm’s new IBM Watson Group has developed the apps that they will offer in order to try and speed up the adoption of cognitive computing services, software and apps to help analyse and gain answers as well as insights from big data.

“These new cognitive computing innovations are designed to augment users’ knowledge, be it the researcher exploring genetic data to create new therapies or a business executive who needs evidence-based insights to make a crucial decision,” stated Michael Rhodin, senior VP of the IBM Watson Group.

Watson Discovery Advisor is designed for the pharmaceutical and publishing industries to cut the time it takes research and development teams to carry out work to let more be accomplished in less time. It uses Watson’s cognitive intelligence to help find relevant connections within data to help researchers “strengthen and accelerate work” as well as discover perspectives from data sets that would otherwise be missed.

Watson Analytics, the second new cloud app, makes data easier to interpret by removing obstacles and organising data into a format that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to interpret. The solution takes away the need for users to have advanced analytics training and executives can quickly share findings with other employees by using social collaboration.

Lastly, IBM Watson Explorer gives the user the chance to look at all the information obtained in one place to make it easier to search, navigate and discover new perspectives from the data collected.

The new cloud services are powered by IBM Watson Foundations, the comprehensive, integrated set of big data and analytics capabilities that allow clients to find and act upon insights.

IBM first announced that it was making Watson technology available as a cloud development platform back in November that allows firms to collaborate with IBM to create apps to enter Watson’s cloud-hosted marketplace.