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Number of post-Christmas business meetings rockets by 118%

If you feel like you spend every hour of your day in a boardroom, you may be interested to know what technology is doing to shape the future of the modern meeting.

According to Blue Jeans, a cloud-based video collaboration provider, video conferencing is swiftly growing in popularity as a virtualised form of face-to-face interaction. Using data from more than 177 countries and a survey of 391 business decision makers, the service has compiled a report (opens in new tab) on the shifting trends in corporate collaboration (opens in new tab).

Those hoping for a let-up in the amount of time spent in roundtable discussions are in for a reality check.

The report discovered that whilst there is a 60 per cent reduction in meetings the day before an office breaks for a holiday, once everyone returns the amount of meetings held increases by 118 per cent. It means that Q1 is poised to be the busiest boardroom season of the year as we catch up with our post-Christmas to-do lists. On average, Feburary sees 25 per cent more meetings scheduled than any other time of year.

Intriguingly, the report also found that where you live has a dramatic effect on meeting attendance. The UK, for example, holds far longer meetings than any country in the rest of Europe. A British meeting can start as early as 7am or not finish until as late as 9pm. On the other hand, European meetings are rarely held before 8am or after 6pm.

Meanwhile sporting events are a real distraction to meeting attendance. During Wimbledon the number of weekday meetings plummeted by 15 per cent, a trend that Blue Jeans predicts will be replicated during the Football World Cup later this year.

Foot-tapping attendees will also be infuriated to learn that the report showed a majority of all meetings start late, 59 per cent of them to be precise. CEOs, CTOs and founders were found to be the most likely to join a meeting after everyone else.

The sheer wealth of statistics available in the report attests to the vast amount of hours we spend in meetings (opens in new tab). However, Blue Jeans have also discovered a shift in how exactly those meetings are being conducted: that is, the rising popularity of video conferencing.

This rising trend could be good news for businesses in the wake of widespread flooding across the UK, and a predicted cold snap on the way.

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Alysia Judge
Alysia Judge

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