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Stratus Technologies: Cloud is a "once in a generation" shift

If you've recently returned from an arctic expedition, first we'd like to welcome you back and hope that your reconnection with civilisation has run smoothly. Secondly we would like to let you know about a revolution that's currently shaking up the technology industry.

"We're in a type of transition as an industry that we haven't seen in a long time," Dave Le Clair, senior director of strategy and product management at Stratus Technologies told ITProPortal when we caught up with him this week.

Find out how cloud is a generational gamechanger, why you should be getting excited about it, and what Stratus Technologies is offering to help businesses take advantage of the opportunities cloud brings.

If every cloud has a silver lining, Stratus Technologies are dedicated to finding it and Dave's also put together a handy guide to overcoming the barriers to cloud with software-defined availability. (opens in new tab)

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