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We review the Synology DS214se: An entry-level NAS from Synology

Synology has lots of choice in their product line-up, but their impressive NAS devices tend to have one common quality: they're very expensive.

You do get a lot back for your money. Synology has tons of features and even more apps you can download to make your NAS even more versatile and multi-functional, but the price range has excluded more budget-minded consumers until now.

With the DS214se, Synology wants to change that. It's a 2-bay entry-level model that's available for an average of £131, quite a bit less than the previous low-end model, the DS213j.

It may be a brand new product, the design of the DS214se is a familiar one. The chassis that can be slid off to reveal the insides is one that we've seen plenty of times from Synology.

The enclose perhaps isn't the most deluxe in many ways, but it serves to house two hard drives. Even the rubber parts to absorb vibrations have been left off this entry-level model.

In the front you'll find the power switch along with status LEDs. USB connectivity is limited to the back, and both are of the USB 2.0 variety.

The NAS does have a gigabit network port, and the processor is an older Marvell Armada 370 clocked at 800 MHz. It has 256 MB of RAM, half the amount of the DS213j which has the same processor clocked at 1.2 GHz. There is a clear difference between the two budget models from Synology.

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