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Latest Samsung Galaxy S5 rumours suggest smartphone will not feature metal design

Samsung has hinted that the eagerly anticipated Galaxy S5 smartphone will not be following the metal body design path set by Apple and HTC.

The Korean manufacturer instead suggested that it would be looking at other ways to improve the durability of its devices.

"I don't believe Samsung will go down the route of making a metal device just because other manufacturers are," Kyle Brown, Head of Technical Product Management within Samsung's IM division, told tech news site Trusted Reviews (opens in new tab).

"I think that balance has to be found. Samsung as a business is always looking at what the best materials are to get the right offering to the customer."

Both the iPhone 5S and HTC One featured metal chassis, however Samsung seems to feel that doing so with the Galaxy S5 would add unnecessary weight.

"Samsung is obviously looking at the way other manufacturers have made that premium feel," Brown added. "I think at the same time that the answer to that is that our devices are very light, very durable and we can manufacturer them in a way that we can give a great offering to our customers."

The latest rumours come at the same time as news of a potential launch event for the device in London (opens in new tab). According to a technology insider tweeting under the name @flavio, Samsung will be unveiling its flagship smartphone in March.

Speculation surrounding the smartphone has included suggestions of a radical redesign and the inclusion of iris-scanning technology (opens in new tab).