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Leaked images of Nokia’s Android smartphone show app launcher for first time

New pictures of Nokia’s rumoured Android smartphone have emerged with the images giving the first impression of what the firm’s adapted version of the OS will look like.

The Nokia Normandy, as it is code-named, was shown in images leaked by a Weibo user that showed the device powering up alongside one of the Nokia Android app launcher user interface [UI].

An Android smartphone from Nokia has been rumoured for some time and started to gather steam last month when prolific leaker @evleaks posted images of the device, which marry up with the latest ones leaked on Weibo.

The presence of a Nokia smartphone powered by Android is reportedly still on the cards despite the company’s mobile division being taken over by Microsoft, which is the home to most of Nokia’s Lumia devices.

Nokia’s Normandy phone is likely to target the lower end of the smartphone spectrum and will be designed to aim for the part of the market that is currently the domain of its Asha range of phones.

Previous reports have spoken of the Nokia Normandy project as still being one that is still “full steam ahead” and employees have stated that it will get a release later in 2014.

If Microsoft decides to press ahead with the project it will open up the Normandy to an almost 80 per cent share of the smartphone market currently held by Android and many believe it would make little sense for Microsoft to launch a phone on a rival OS.

Nokia’s Lumia line of smartphones and tablets account for some 80 per cent of the devices that are sold on the Windows Phone OS and the Finnish firm has been the key to Microsoft’s mobile OS making it to third place in the mobile OS market behind Android and Apple’s iOS.

Image Credit: Trusted Reviews