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This iPhone and Android accessory will solve your battery problems

It's a situation familiar to too many of us, a problem that plagues everyone from C-level execs to school age scamps, a woe that does the seemingly impossible and unites rival iPhone and Android camps - yes, it's the curse of the empty smartphone battery.

For too long, the tech savvy have had to groan mournfully as they slap a hefty charging case on their super-svelte new handset, or else have to shove an unsightly and bulky power bank into their satchel.

At least, that was the bleak state of the phone charging nation until now.

Hope has arisen in the form of popcord, a pocket-sized USB charging solution (opens in new tab) designed by London-based hardware startup Powergoat that recently hit Kickstarter, achieving more than half of its funding target in less than a week.

"Popcord matches the beautiful simplicity and sheer convenience of smartphones," Powergoat says in its Kickstarter pitch.

Designed to tidily attach to whatever you regularly carry, be it a set of keys or a piece of baggage, the popcord is a flexible rubber cord that measures 4in when fully extended or 2in when closed and weighs 12g.

To begin with, it will be available in a range of four colours, including a limited edition gold flavour, and come in two variants: Lightning connector for iPhone users and microUSB for a range of Android smartphones. Powergoat has hinted at a wider range of options should its campaign prove a success.

The popcord campaign runs on Kickstarter until 9 March. Early-bird specials have been snapped up, but you can still pre-order a popcord by backing the project - £25 gets you a standard device, while £40 nabs you either an engraved popcord or gets you a bundle of two. The special gold edition sells for £50.

You can take a closer look at this neat little gadget by heading to the popcord Kickstarter page. (opens in new tab)

James Laird
James Laird

James is a freelance editor, journalist, and writer with 10+ years experience in digital media, SEO and news writing. He has produced content on a number of Future sites, including TechRadar, ITProPortal, Tom's Guide, and T3, and was Senior Staff Writer at ITProPortal.