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‘Trailblazer’ Microsoft gains consumer trust ahead of Apple and Samsung

Microsoft is the most trusted technology brand in the US after a survey found that US consumers found it to be more trustworthy than a range of its competitors.

Forrester’s TRUE brand compass research showed that Microsoft was the only company to gain “trailblazer” status, according to GeekWire, due to it being essential compared to competitors including Apple, Sony, Samsung and HP.

“While Apple and Samsung battle it out to reign supreme with the coveted Millennial generation, Microsoft has quietly stolen the consumer technology crown by becoming more trusted and essential across multiple generations. The very ubiquity that perhaps renders it uncool turns out to also be its strength,” stated Forrester analyst Tracy Stokes.

The company surveyed some 4,551 US online adults using its TRUE brand four factor axis that measure a firm according to how much it is trusted, remarkable, unmistakable and essential.

It wasn’t all bad news for its competitors as Apple was ranked highest when it came to the variables “remarkable” and “unmistakable” but it just isn’t as essential in consumers eyes as Microsoft has become.

It’s the second time in a week that Microsoft has reigned over Apple when it comes to brand strength as UTA Brand Studio’s Brand Dependence Index found that Windows was the one brand that consumers would find it difficult to be without.

“Windows surpassed all other brands that consumers say they can’t live without and relate more to themselves,” stated the survey results, according to

The survey had Apple ranked down in eighth place whereas Google managed third, though the founder of the company noted that once income topped $50,000 [£30,500] per year and $150,000 [£91,500] per year, Apple moved up to third and second positions on the list.

“Among the ways to interpret this index, for example, is that Microsoft isn’t dead yet, and Apple is vulnerable. Apple is vulnerable because of how polarized people were in their views about the brand. And Microsoft is still seen by many as being more like them,” added UTA Brand Studio founder and executive director Larry Vincent.