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Wearable Technology? No thank you, say two thirds of Brits

For a country whose idea of "distinguished" is a black hat shaped like an upturned cereal bowl, it's perhaps no surprise that two thirds of Brits would spurn wearable technology, according to a recent survey.

Whilst smartwatches and Internet-connected glasses dominated chatter at CES 2014, across the pond only one in three UK consumers are interested in buying a smart watch and just a quarter are au fait with the idea of Internet-connected glasses.

It's a fact that puts Britain behind its global peers. The survey found that India, for example, isn't so much jumping on the wearable technology bandwagon as stripping it of every bit of gadgetry in a proverbial roadside stick-em-up. In contrast to their British counterparts, 76 per cent of Indian respondents announced plans to buy a smartwatch, and three quarters cited interest in Internet-connected glasses.

Consequently, Britain would seem to have a significantly lower level of interest in wearable technology than the global average. Accenture's survey quizzed more than 6,000 people in six countries and found that 46 per cent of worldwide consumers would consider parting with their cash for a smart watch compared to Britain's 29 per cent.

From the 1,000 Britons questioned by the survey, it also emerged that we are more likely to turn our noses up at other technologies too. Only 29 per cent of UK respondents intend to buy an HDTV and 28 per cent a laptop during 2014 compared to 41 per cent and 38 per cent globally.

Why do you think British consumers are suspicious of wearable technology? Are you planning on investing in any of the devices that are tipped to be the hottest trends of 2014?