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Acer CEO: ‘We need to dig ourselves out of a hole’

Computer manufacturer Acer will look to "operational excellence" to turn around its fortunes, according to the company's new Chief Executive Officer Jason Chen.

Of the largest PC vendors, Acer has been hit hardest by the biggest ever decline in annual PC shipments (opens in new tab). The Taiwanese company is set to declare an annual loss for the third successive year, having more than doubled its stock value in 2009.

An average of market analyst estimations (opens in new tab) predict that the company will suffer a NT$14.3 billion (£289 million) loss in 2013.

Chen, who became the CEO of Acer at the start of the year, believes the way out of the slump is through focussing on its hardware background.

"We need to find how to add value to hardware with mail, photo, video and other things we haven't even seen yet," Chen said on Sunday, according to Bloomberg (opens in new tab). "We'll start from our competitive advantage and go from there."

A report (opens in new tab) by Gartner last October revealed that Acer saw PC shipments fall by 22.5 per cent in the third quarter, with some industry analysts claiming this pointed to a post-PC world. The total decline in PC shipments worldwide fell by 28 per cent in 2013.

Cheaper tablet technologies have meant that consumers are buying portable devices rather than upgrading their PCs.

Chen is expected to announce a change in strategy that could include providing hardware, software and services.

"We aren't excluding any possibilities to get where we want to go," Chen added. "We want to get to Build Your Own Cloud."