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Experimental whole-of-government IT projects will be “dead” in face of increased cloud adoption

Large scale experimental whole-of-government IT projects should be abandoned in favour of increased cloud adoption in order to drive down costs and provide a lynchpin for innovation according to a research expert on technology in the public sector.

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Dr Steve Hodgkinson, research director at Public Sector Technology, told CloudTech that cloud service adoption in government will accelerate in 2014 after a steady year in 2013 and the experimental IT projects must be buried as ancient history.

“We believe that growth in cloud services adoption by agencies will drive a change in the core logic of whole-of-government IT strategy. Cloud services offer a less risky win-win-win path towards IT modernization and intra-agency collaboration. Big bad experimental whole-of-government IT projects are dead. Long live the new logic of cloud services: find solutions that work well in individual agencies and then adopt them more broadly across multiple agencies. Simple,” stated Dr Steve Hodgkinson, research director at Public Sector Technology.

Hodgkinson went on to explain that the speed with which cloud services can be deployed in an individual agency means that it can be quickly tested to ascertain how useful and relevant it is before being deployed into other agencies quickly.

“If a cloud service works well for one agency then the exact same service can be seamlessly consumed by many other agencies – as long as they are prepared to make some pragmatic demand-versus-supply and benefit/cost/risk trade-offs,” he explained.

He finished by stating that 2014 should see a focus on the “promotion of cloud services adoption and intra-agency collaboration via knowledge sharing platforms” as well as “pragmatic approaches to standards and information interoperability.”

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The government has already reacted to the growth of the cloud with the launch of its G-Cloud project that is designed to trigger uptake of cloud computing services by the country’s public sector.