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Telefonica launches ‘Universal Wi-Fi’ promising businesses access in 110 countries

Telefonica has debuted a new universal Wi-Fi service that allows single sign-on access to 1.3 million hotspots across the globe and will be a considerable advantage to business and enterprise customers.

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The Telefonica hotspot service comes as an extension to its business-centric Telefonica’s Managed Mobility portfolio and sees coverage extended to 110 countries through partnerships with the likes of iPass, DTAG and Swisscom.

“The launch of Universal Wi-Fi is designed to support our multinational and corporate customers increasing data usage with an excellent user experience and fixed data costs,” stated José L. Gamo, CEO Multinationals Business Unit, Telefonica Global Solutions.

Some of the benefits of the new service are that it will drive down data costs for businesses, permit greater freedom to work at any time in a range of locations, allow enhanced control across devices, make connecting more simply, and includes in-flight Internet at no additional cost.

Telefonica claims that the service is available at 90 of the world’s 100 largest airports and that a range of major hotel chains are supported such as Marriot, Hyatt, Sheraton and Hilton, reports ZDNet.

When it comes to the firm’s claims of free in-flight Internet, this is provided on Gogo Inflight’s network. Prices are yet to be released for Telefonica’s Universal Wi-Fi and it follows a similar deal it signed with Dell to provide Europe-wide 3G plus hardware packages.

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The agreement with Dell sees the computer manufacturer offer businesses various Windows 7 and 8 PCs under its NetReady brand that will come with an M2M SIM card from Telefonica that gives access to Telefonica’s 3G network in 29 countries across the continent.