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Twitter receives New Year makeover update has a new look for a new year.

Changes are rolling out slowly to online users, but don't expect to be wowed: The refreshed website will take on a similar aesthetic to its mobile apps.

That is — fonts, colors, and layout will better reflect the iOS and Android applications we've come to know.

Most notably, Twitter added the new profile-plus-header photo combination to its homepage, making the altogether unremarkable profile details in the upper left corner more prominent, and more uniform with its accompanying mobile apps.

Filling out the left-hand panel are the revamped "Who to follow" and "Trends" boxes, with bigger, more relaxed fonts—which follow through the entire site.

That style is particularly noticeable along the top toolbar, where the Home, Connect, Discover, and Me buttons live. Gone is the dark grey line, instead replaced with the same chunkier typeface and tweaked icons on a white background.

Twitter also substituted its Direct Messages, Settings, and Compose icons for those found in the mobile apps.

The Tweets stream appears to have been untouched, boasting the same in-line photos and videos, which hit feeds in December 2011, when Twitter revealed a "simplified" redesign. Twitter also updated its mobile and Web platformsin September 2012, tweaking layout had little impact on users.

The company on Monday tweeted a photo of its updated site. For a complete list of all our Twitter guides check out our guide to using Twitter effectively.