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Chrome mobile update lets you use less data on the move

Google tends to play things a little closer to the chest when it comes to Chrome on mobile platforms. There is an Android beta program, but the stable channel and iOS version only get updated when Google has something thoroughly tested. That's the case now as several new features have arrived on both iOS and Android.

The bandwidth management feature was added the Chrome beta a while back, but now all Chrome mobile users will get the benefits. This feature will prompt users to opt-in after the browser is updated. If enabled, Chrome will compress web pages to save on mobile data by running everything through Google's servers. It will actually swap out big JPGs and PNGs for Google's smaller WebP image format. There will be a handy graph in the settings showing how much data you have saved over time.

For Android users, Google's web shortcut feature is leaving beta. From the settings, you can add a homescreen shortcut to any website. Chrome will support Google's preferred web app protocol for a full screen experience, but Apple's Safari web app flags will work in Chrome as well. Even if the page is not enabled as a web app, you can still create a direct shortcut.

For users of Chrome on iOS, there is another goody coming in the update. Google Translate is finally making its way over from the Android version of Chrome, which means one-tap access to page translations. When a page loads in a language other than the default one, a bar will pop up at the bottom offering the option to translate.

Google says the new version of Chrome should be hitting the App Store and Google Play in the next few days.