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LG knew of G Flex bendy smartphone’s ‘bump’ problem before release

LG has assured customers over an error with its G Flex smartphone that can leave small bumps on the display as it is revealed the firm knew of the problems before the device was released.

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The company has seen numerous complaints over small bumps being left on the flexible screen and has moved to blame various components inside the device.

“Because key components inside the G Flex such as the glass cover, OLED display, battery and frame are elastic, excessive or frequent force that flattens the device may produce bumps. The issue has no relation to the performance and quality of the device,” read a statement from LG, reports the Korea Times.

The one piece of information that won’t sit well with consumers is the fact that LG knew of the problem before releasing the innovative smartphone and failed to warn customers that devices could be compromised.

“LG Electronics was rather hesitant in releasing its curved-screen smartphone, as it was previously aware of some technical problems. LG should have notified consumers ahead of the product launch,” stated an official from the Korea Display Industry Association.

Kim Ji-hoon, an electronic sales clerk quoted by Korea Times, confirmed that all models of the device he has seen have suffered the “small bumps” and added that LG “should address the issue as early as possible to settle the matter.”

For those that have already bought the device, LG has advised them to not use “frequent, execessive force on the device or the screen.”

“The reason we’ve made the G Flex screen elastic is to protect the device from damage from sudden impacts such as being sat on or laid down on,” the advice added.

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LG has reportedly sold some 13,000 models in Korea and UK consumers are already able to preorder the device ahead of its anticipated release next month.

Image Credit: Korea Times