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24 hours later, Microsoft's Build Developer Conference sells out

Like a glorified rock star, Microsoft sold out tickets to its 2014 Build Developer Conference in just 24 hours.

April will see a swarm of developers descend upon San Francisco for the two day event, hoping for front row seats as Microsoft parades the latest work from across its Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox.

But what exactly can those who've forked out a cool $2,095 (£1282) for a ticket expect from the software giant? Rumours abound that the conference will provide a platform for the launch of a new Windows Phone alongside a brand new update for Windows 8.1.

Most excitingly, however, there are whispers of a sneak peak at Windows 9, codenamed "Threshold." Indeed, launching brand new desktop software would allow Microsoft to put its Windows 8 problem child to one side and focus on evolving a new interface that's not tarred with the unpopular Windows 8 brush.

Microsoft is keeping schtum on exactly how many tickets it has already sold for the build conference, but if attendance is expected to emulate any of last year, around 3,000 tickets could have been shifted.

Still, if you're currently thumping your keyboard in frustration, don't fret because you may not have totally missed out. Considering that last year the company released a further smattering of tickets after the initial flurry of sales, it's likely that the bidding war is not yet over.