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"The NSA took the easy path": How the secure Internet is a reality today

Encryption guru David Gurle tells us why he believes that the age of Internet naivety is over, and how the things we say and write can be used against us.

"I think NSA has a very important role in the world," David told us. "The NSA must do their job, but they mustn't go beyond what their job is. And that's what they did."

Find out why the NSA was taking the "easy path" with digital spying. Learn where the NSA's focus is going to shift in the wake of Snowden's revelations, and what the future is for securing the Internet.

Will the Internet eve be secure? This exclusive interview goes some way to try to answer that hotly debated question.

David Gurle is Founder & CEO of Perzo Inc, a secure email and SMS service.