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Amazon teases mystery device set to replace Kindle

Amazon has big plans, or more specifically, plans for a new product that will "be even bigger than Kindle."

The online retail giant posted an ad on Eventbrite for a recruitment event in Boston. It would seem that the bash is part of an employment drive for their Digital Products division.

An invite only event, Amazon announced that the two and a half hour get-together will be part of a secret project to deliver digital media "to customers in new ways."

Like what? Last month both Bloomberg and the Financial Times claimed that an Amazon Fire smartphone was in the works. Other reports suggest that the Amazonian clever clogs are busy developing a set-top box that can stream video over the Internet. Codenamed Cinnamon, the device was rumoured to be launched at the end of 2013, though clearly we may have to wait a while longer.

"You will have an enormous opportunity to make a large impact on the design, architecture, and implementation of cutting edge experiences enjoyed every day, by people you know," reads the ad.

Elsewhere, Amazon is feeling generous by knocking £25 off its Kindle Fire range (opens in new tab) – perhaps in a bid to shift stock and make room for the "next big thing?"

Alysia Judge
Alysia Judge

Alysia is a multi-talented freelance filmmaker, presenter, and writer. She's worked with and created content for Netflix UK, IGN, BAFTA, the Guardian, the BBC, and has written for sites like IT Pro Portal GamesRadar, IGN, and more. She also works with UK gaming body, UKIE.