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Nokia Android smartphone will feature Windows Phone-esque UI

Nokia’s Android phone could have a UI remarkably similar to Windows Phone Lumia devices after the latest photos showed detailed images of the inner workings of the smartphone for the first time.

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New leaked images from renowned Twitter account @evleaks show a tiled interface on the front of the phone as well as a range of different colourways that the device is expected to be available in.

The colourful tiles showcase the stock apps on the device and there are a number of other apps show on black backgrounds including Vine, Facebook, BBM, Twitter, Viber, Opera and WeChat.

The same images go on to show a notification and app centre that provides information on missed calls, recent apps, calendar reminders as well as messages. The status bar at the top of the phone also indicates that it has dual SIM capabilities.

In terms of the design of the device, photos show that it will come in a range of colours including green, red, yellow, blue, white and black with the phones closely resembling the Lumia style of devices.

When it comes to the device specifications, the smartphone is rumoured to have a 4in display, Qualcomm S4 processor supplemented by 512MB or RAM as well as 4GB of internal storage and a 3-megapixel camera.

Nokia is reportedly releasing the device to target the lower end of the smartphone market that was originally the domain of its Asha line of smartphones.

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With the latest photo leak it seems that, despite Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia, the firm will press on with a full release for the device that runs on one of its main rival’s operating systems.

Image Credit: Twitter (evleaks)