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A data centre under your desk: Our preview of the Dell PowerEdge VRTX


It's hard not to get impressed when you walk into a server space. Rows of racks, tons of cables and noisy fans, you can almost see the bits and bytes floating around. That it doesn't need to be that big Dell proves with the new PowerEdge VRTX, which basically is a data centre in a box.

The PowerEdge VRTX is very compact, about the size of a large desktop PC. The design makes it suitable for both traditional server racks and office environments.

Without the front panel it's obvious this is more than a large tower desktop.

4 blades, 33 disks

No one would look twice if you put the Dell PowerEdge VRTX under your desk, it looks that much like traditional desktop PC. Once you remove the front panel it's clear you're dealing with much more than just a PC. The left side has room for four blade servers, which are basically stripped-down modular server units. Our test model came with two modules.

The right side can fit up to 25 2.5in disks, so when you add the disks in the blades, that creates a total of 33 disks. There's also a version that can house 12 3.5in disks.

The back looks impressive as well. Here you find the four hot-swap power supplies of 1,100 watts each, PCI-e expansion slots and a whole slew of network ports.

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