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IaaS set to outstrip other cloud models in 2014

Industry analysts are predicting the charge into the cloud to continue apace in 2014, with the software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) markets tipped to be the main drivers of the booming industry.

IaaS especially is expected to outstrip other cloud models as larger businesses take a slice of the cloud.

A recent study by GigaOM Research found that the cloud computing market is set to grow by as much as 126 per cent over the next year.

The SaaS market is set to grow by a whopping 119 per cent, and growth in the IaaS sector looks even healthier, at 122 per cent.

The frenzied competition isn't going to be good news for everyone, though: Gartner recently predicted that one quarter of all IaaS vendors would disappear by the end of 2014 (opens in new tab), due to a consolidation of the market by big players.

The study found that "as the cloud matures, larger established businesses and enterprises have started to get on board public and private cloud platforms."

"Many larger businesses prefer to build their own solutions rather than using off-the-peg SaaS platforms, which results in a tipping of the growth balance away from the SaaS provider, which saw much larger initial growth, and towards the IaaS platforms that better provide for the need of enterprise clients."

Meanwhile, some industry voices are predicting the imminent death of Platform as a Service (opens in new tab) (PaaS).

GigaOM's article cites a recent study by the 451 Research Group entitled, "Is PaaS becoming just a feature of IaaS?" in which the author predicts that the IaaS market will be absorbed by IaaS and SaaS providers.

One thing's for certain: nothing can stop the cloud now.