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LG G3 smartphone prepares for May release date

With the dust only just settling on the LG G2, a susurrus of whispers in Korea suggest that its successor, the LG G3, will be launching soon with a super-sized screen.

The LG G2 (pictured above) launched four months ago with a 5.2in display, but according to the G3 will boast a 5.5in screen with a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels that would match the much hotly anticipated Galaxy S5's.

Indeed, it seems that LG have a wary eye on Samsung's newest handset. The S5 is penned to launch in April, with claiming the G3 will follow hot on its heels with a release date of 17 May. It means there would only be an eight month gap since the announcement of the G2 and the launch of its successor – clearly, LG doesn't want to lose any ground to its competitor.

The G2, despite being blamed for the losses LG suffered in Q4 of 2013, was one of the better handsets to emerge from last year. It scored a credible 4.5 / 5 stars in our review for its excellent screen and camera, plus its innovative interface that saw buttons on the back instead of the side and top.

Elsewhere, size clearly does matter to LG with an even bigger device, dubbed the LG G Pro 2, rumoured to launch at Mobile World Congress in February. If true, the device should have a 5.9in screen with the same 1440 x 2,560 pixel resolution as the G3.