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Microsoft goes back to the drawing board: Surface Pro 2 relaunched with firmware update

Microsoft has gone back to the drawing board and fixed up a firmware update for its Surface Pro 2 tablets, which it's now re-launching for devices that had been previously affected by a less-than-pleasant firmware update experience.

Of course, those that managed to avoid the problematic update when it was released in December can now update their tablets as well.

That said, Microsoft isn't releasing any key details about the update, which leaves us all in a bit of confusion as to who is getting it, what it's doing, and whether it's meant to be a one-shot fix or not.

According to ZDNet, the update appears to be rolling out to various groups of users instead of hitting all en masse, with some receiving the option to download and install the approximately 4.2MB update as early as Friday.

Others have had to wait until Saturday, and possibly today, to update their Surface Pro 2 tablets.

While there's no official word as to what the firmware update might actually address, it's likely that Microsoft is using the non-Patch-Tuesday tweak to correct issues related to the firmware update's first version. Microsoft launched (and pulled) the update in mid-December following reports that it had failed to properly install on users' devices. In some instances where it did, some users reported experiencing reduced battery life or, worse, a bevy of issues related to the tablet's sleep mode functionality.

It doesn't help that Microsoft's notes for the December 2013 update, in part, read that the firmware fix was meant to improve "Surface Cover interaction during power-saving sleep functionality."


Other tweaks as part of the December update included "improved system stability," an updated driver that improves the tablets' Wi-Fi connectivity, "color fidelity improvements," and improvements to two-finger trackpad commands. Microsoft has yet to put any details about this weekend's fix on the Surface Pro 2's official list of updates.

Additionally, it's unclear whether this update is meant to be a one-shot fix or, as ZDNet reports, Microsoft intends for it to be a partial update at the moment – the first in a series of updates likely designed to address all facets of the failed December firmware patch.

We'll keep this post updated with the latest information about the Surface Pro 2 patch as we learn more information about what, exactly, Microsoft is fixing with its release.

Update: Here's the full text of Microsoft's statement about this weekend's Surface Pro 2 firmware update:

"This weekend we released an update that addresses the unexpected wake and battery drain behavior experienced by a small number of Surface Pro 2 customers who installed the December Windows Update. This should have no impact on users already running the October Windows Update. We're working hard to address the remaining Surface Pro 2 items from the December Windows Update."