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Volunteer Marketplace launches on LinkedIn for non-profits

LinkedIn has long been lauded as a key piece of a recruiter's toolkit, the place to go for both job seekers and employers alike looking for career opportunities, networking and virtual schmoozing. It's now, however, also the place to go for volunteering.

The online company has just launched the LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace with the aim of connecting professionals with non-profit organisations who are searching for volunteers. It exists separately to the main portion of the LinkedIn website that specialises in paid employment, and will aggregate posts from a variety of sources including Catchafire, Taproot Foundation, BoardSource and VolunteerMatch.

Unless your job is finding other people jobs, you probably don't spend the same amount on LinkedIn as you do on Facebook or Twitter posting funny cat videos to your timeline or food photos to your feed. The new section is a clever way to change that, potentially re-branding LinkedIn as more than just a place to update your CV by expanding its user base with more non-profits and potential volunteers that will bolster site traffic.

Still, citing boosted page views as the only reason LinkedIn has introduced the section would be a cynical move. It also massively benefits non-profit organisations whose workforce is often painfully under subscribed.

A recent study from the Taproot Foundation, for instance, discovered that 92 per cent of non-profits are currently on the hunt for volunteers to fill vital roles. By joining forces with a recruitment heavyweight like LinkedIn, it's hoped that more peoples' eyes will be opened to the opportunities volunteering offers.

By coupling paid positions with volunteering opportunities on a famous website, a spotlight can be shone on the work that non-profits do and how everyday people can contribute to their cause.

Earlier this month LinkedIn was once more in the headlines after filing a law suit against scammers. The aim was to crack down on those who create fake profiles to scrape data about existing LinkedIn members.