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Tata Communications releases revenue generating VoIP service for mobile operators

Tata Communications has launched a new white label mobile VoIP offering that allows network providers and other retail voice providers to generate revenue from IP communications services.

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The new solution will allow companies to launch branded mobile VoIP apps that can be offered to customers across all smartphone and desktop platforms and let customers use mobile VoIP minutes across to make calls on tablets and laptops.

“Mobile operators are looking for ways to evolve their services portfolio to better meet the needs of their end users. Our mobile VoIP offerings allow operators to gain additional revenue from today’s ‘always connected’ users, and create new market segments without the significant upfront capital investment and lead time required for true native rich communication services,” stated Christian Michaud, a senior VP at Tata Communications.

It is part of Tata’s Voice Business Apps suite and part of the company’s plan to build hosted and managed services for service providers and allow mobile operators to increase revenue and generate revenue from the latest mobile innovations.

Tata claims that creating a branded app unique to the mobile operator will be instrumental in “improving customer loyalty and average revenue per user [ARPU]” by taking advantage of existing brand value and customer billing relationships.

There are various VoIP offerings already on the market with the likes of Whatsapp and Viber as well as Rebtel, Google Voice, Facebook Messenger and Skype all offering mobile phone users the chance to interact using VoIP.

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Mobile VoIP is continuing to grow in stature with Juniper Research releases numbers that showed over one billion people would be using mobile VoIP on free smartphone apps by 2017.