AMD reveals plans for new 16-core Operton processor

AMD has published a document that reveals the chip manufacturer is currently working on a new Opteron processor featuring eight modules with two cores each. This means we're dealing with sixteen cores on a single die. In addition to the Streamroller cores, the Uncore has also been integrated on the die.

Although AMD already has Opteron chips with sixteen cores, the current models consist of two separate chips that communicate with one another through HyperTransport. Figures show that the new models have all eight modules on a single die, with a System Request Interface (SRI) taking care of communication between the cores, memory controller, PCI-Express 3.0 lanes and HyperTransport bus.

In the document AMD mentions the 'Family 15h processor model 30h-Fh', indicative of Bulldozer-modules and Steamroller-cores. A roadmap tells us that the new processors are codenamed Warsaw, and will be produced using 32nm transistors.

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