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Android struggles under malware attack deluge, says Cisco

Those with an Android phone would be forgiven for feeling a little on edge after Cisco published a report claiming that 99 per cent of all mobile malware attacks in 2013 were targeted at the little green robot's customers.

Considering the rate at which the Android market has grown in recent years, it's unsurprising that the platform would be targeted by those wishing to infect as many systems as possible with their malware. What is surprising, however, is just how many of these attacks were successful. According to the report 71 per cent of Android users encountered compromising malware without it being blocked. Apple users, in contrast, only saw a 14 per cent encounter rate.

Cisco's research cites the most common malware found on Android as Andr/Qdplugin-A. Devices are infected by it when they download legal apps from stores other than Google Play, meaning that thankfully this app is easily avoided if users stick to moderated download channels.

Elsewhere, the report found that the manufacturing, agriculture and mining industries were also becoming targets for malicious software at about six times the rate of other industries by targeting web hosting servers and data centers.

The aim of the report was to highlight current security concerns and trends with the hope that users can implement more effective defence strategies. Indeed, perhaps one of the reasons Apple does so well out of this report is because users stick to downloading apps from the official iTunes store. To read the report for yourself, click here.