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Bezos's Washington Post Labs releases new social news app, Trove

Despite the recent shutdown of Google's Reader application, online news aggregation services are picking up steam, the latest of which launched today from the former Washington Post Labs group.

Renamed Trove following the sale of The Washington Post to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the team just unveiled its new social news reader app for iOS and the Web.

The new app features news stories handpicked by people who share your interests. No more skimming headlines for celebrity names, or wading through baby pictures on Facebook to find appealing links.

"With Trove, I follow topics (we call them troves), and I instantly get news about things I care about," head of product Rob Malda wrote in a blog post.

With 15,000 sources, Trove makes it easy for anyone to find their favourite topics — Malda favours Star Wars, technology, and The Who — and interact with other "curators," including friends and experts.

Anyone can generate a topic—say you're a big fan of the English national football team, or Google Glass—and anyone else can follow it. Curated picks are pushed to the top of each stack, to ensure the most stimulating news is consumed first.

At launch, the team snagged a handful of big-name curators, including former West Virginia Governor Bob Wise for "Digital Learning," Codeacademy CEO Zach Sims for "Online Education," Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn for "Farm To Table," as well as organisations like ("Celebs Gone Good"), Science Magazine ("Top Science News"), and Play-I ("Programming for Kids").

Connect Trove to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to receive recommendations based on articles you've shared or discussed on social media.

"The Trove engineering team has spent years tuning machines to read, understand, and personalise the news, but that's only the beginning: With Trove, people always come first," they said.

Now housed under the renamed Graham Holdings parent company, Trove has rebuilt itself from the failed Social Reader experiment it launched in 2011. According to the Washington Post, those with a Social Reader account can transfer their favourite topics to Trove.