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Build your open cloud with HP CloudSystem and KVM

As enterprises and service providers expand their use of cloud within their IT environments, the use of public, private and hybrid clouds alongside existing IT infrastructures is now the rule rather than the exception. Increasingly, enterprises and service providers must create a hybrid delivery environment that provides the right mix of local and public services by leveraging the best of traditional IT, as well as private, managed, and public cloud services.

As these enterprises and service providers begin to blend their IT environments together, they are faced with disparate architectures, different management and security facilities, and inconsistent tools across the various cloud models. Different networking and storage technologies and vendors are now coexisting within a single cloud environment. Different virtualisation technologies are also being placed together, ranging from industry-leading vendor hypervisors to open standard hypervisors and operating environments that are oriented more towards dev/test departments.

HP's Converged Cloud strategy is focused on delivering a common architectural foundation across traditional IT, private, managed, and public clouds. As a part of that strategy, HP offers HP CloudSystem, a complete, integrated and open platform for building and managing cloud services. A key tenet of CloudSystem is support for heterogeneous environments. With the next release of HP CloudSystem,HP is expanding this openness even further by adding support for Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVM).

Download the whitepaper below.