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CIOs vote for mobility over maintenance, says Logicalis survey

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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CIOs are more willing than ever to put key IT infrastructure in the hands of trusted partners, according to a new international survey from IT reseller and systems integration company, Logicalis.

By shifting day-to-day systems management duties onto providers, what they hope to achieve, according to the


,is “a reshaped IT function to focus instead on strategic priorities like business analytics and mobility strategies.”

That’s understandable - of the 186 CIOs and IT directors from mid-market organisations surveyed by Logicalis, over half said they spend more than two-thirds of their time on day-to-day management, as opposed to strategic planning. The exception was North America, where only 35 per cent of IT leaders said that was the case. However, the problem was consistently mentioned by those based in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

By contrast, almost half of respondents would like to spend 30 per cent or less of their time on day-to-day management, with the majority spent on strategic initiatives.

So what’s their first priority for achieving their goals? For 44 per cent of respondents, the plan is to “streamline and optimise” IT infrastructure. For 22 per cent, it’s to consolidate their employers’ use of managed services, so that single providers are relied on for IT services across multiple territories. 21 per cent, meanwhile, say their first priority is to hand more day-to-day management over to specialist managed services providers, while 13 per cent say it’s to adopt a cloud consumption model.

“The relative lack of desire to adopt cloud consumption models may suggest that a significant number of businesses are already using public and private clouds - or are well on their way to doing so,” explains the report.

If successful in achieving their ideal split between day-to-day and strategic activities, CIOs and IT directors agree that they’ll spend most of their freed up time on two things: insight and mobility. For 42 per cent, the first point of focus will be business analytics; for one-third of respondents, it’ll be their company’s enterprise mobility strategy. 18 per cent will focus on cloud services.

“These survey results confirm the reality we see on the ground. IT leadership is now actively looking to drive a services-led transformation strategy to close the gap between business expectation and IT delivery capacity and to transform the CIO’s role in the process,” said Logicalis CEO Ian Cook.

“It seems clear that CIOs will now focus their organisations on delivering an experience comparable with external service providers, and they also will engage with services partners to assist them in achieving the service maturity and agility necessary to compete for internal business in the coming years.”