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Galaxy Gear cracked to work with Nexus 5

Savvy Samsung Galaxy Gear owners have come across a crack that allows the smartwatch to be used with the Google Nexus 5 smartphone.

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An XDA forums user found that by downloading the Gear Manager app as well as performing a number of other tasks would enable the wearable to work with the its first non-Samsung device.

The process, which is a complex one due to the presence of many APKs and outlined by Smartwatchfans, is the only method so far that gets the Galaxy Gear to work with an unsupported device that isn’t Samsung branded.

Those that want to try it out should first install the gearmanagerstub.apk on the phone and follow this by downloading Gear Manager 1.6.111801 and renaming the APK to ZIP. Next open the ZIP, go to assets/preinstallapks and install each individual APK file to the device one by one apart from music and weather, which won’t install.

After this, install the full Gear Manager 1.6.111801 APK, not the ZIP, and pair the Galaxy Gear to the phone, which it’s warned could take a few tries whether by NFC or manually.

Then install ATNManager 1.2.2, allow ATNManager access via Settings > Security > Notification Access and lastly, within ATNManager, choose the notifications you want to receive on the Galaxy Gear.

Some of the functions, including S Voice and Weather, don’t work but most of the services work as if the phone connected was a Samsung model.

Samsung released the Galaxy Gear smartwatch alongside the Galaxy Note 3 phablet at last September’s IFA 2013 conference in Berlin and beat Apple to the punch in releasing wearables technology first.

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Rumours have already started to circle that it will release a new version of the smartwatch alongside the next version of its Galaxy smartphone, which is expected to be out in the next few months.