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Speed up your cloud deployment with these solutions

Porter Consulting first analysed the cloud infrastructure market in December 2012. Since then, there have been several new product announcements, and market conditions have evolved. IBM, HP, and VCE all have recent new product and service offerings that strengthen their integrated cloud solutions. OpenStack has grown rapidly in acceptance as the future direction of cloud deployments, with HP and IBM endorsement of this open platform. It therefore became apparent that we needed to update this report due to these changing market conditions.

Each vendor has taken a different approach to packaging cloud infrastructure. All solutions provide shared access to a pool of compute, storage, and network resources, but the robustness of these pools varies widely. Management and automation capabilities range from what we consider limited to ones that are rich and automated.

After all the available information for this market is reviewed, the scorecard shows the following results.

1. HP CloudSystem is the choice for organisations of any size looking to deploy a cloud environment with the most open architecture and the richest set of cloud enablement software. Support for heterogeneous resource pools and multiple hypervisors provides customers with choice today and the flexibility of deployment options going forward. CloudSystem provides the fastest road to the cloud.

2. IBM PureFlex System provides an architecture that is open in some areas but is also restricted, because it does not allow the incorporation of existing installed servers. The focus appears to be on the IBM installed base of AIX servers and WebSphere customers. For customers with long-term investments in AIX, DB2, and WebSphere, IBM FlexSystem is a good choice as IBM cloud automation tools are geared toward these products.

3. VCE Vblock systems are pre-tested systems assembled with components from Cisco and EMC specifically to provide an infrastructure for VMware. The system is a restricted architecture that does not include support for other compute or storage resources or for other hypervisors. Although VMware is the current market share leader, many customers prefer the flexibility to deploy other hypervisors. True application orchestration is not provided "out of the box" but requires add-on software. VCE provides a very good point solution for VMware but is not a good fit for customers planning open cloud deployments. Concerns about the commitment of the members to the alliance behind VCE add a level of risk for customers choosing this direction.

In the following whitepaper, we explain the current market and our evaluation criteria, examine the vendor solutions, and present a detailed evaluation relative to the criteria.

Download this whitepaper below.