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iOS holds mobile ad revenue lead with 55.7% share of market

Apple is still generating more revenue for advertisers and app producers than Android as its iPad has almost 10 times more traffic compared to tablets running on Google’s mobile OS.

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Research from Opera found even though Android holds the lead over iOS when it comes to smartphones, Apple still has a significant lead in the tablet market which gives iOS then nod when it comes to the overall traffic share.

iOS holds 43.39 per cent of the traffic share whilst Android is lagging behind on 37.71 per cent due to the fact the iPad [10.59 per cent] is significantly outgunning Android tablets [1.86 per cent] in the Android traffic share stakes. The gap was even wider when revenue was considered, iOS seeing 55.7 per cent of the total revenue share and Android just 31.73 per cent.

“Looking ahead, we expect to see Android’s share of revenue continue tow grow, but given how far ahead Apple is in the tablet space, we do not expect Android to take the lead for cross-platform monetization in 2014,” stated Opera Media Works in the press release.

The iPhone is still the most lucrative device when it comes to revenue for app developers and publishers with a 40 per cent in the fourth quarter opposed to just 30 per cent for Android as a whole. The iPad, in comparison, accounts for 12.7 per cent of the share of revenue whereas Android tablets saw just 1.67 per cent of the revenue.

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The remainder of the traffic was split between BlackBerry [2.11 per cent], Windows Phone [0.49 per cent], and Symbian [0.49 per cent] with Others accounting for 12.1 per cent of the traffic. When it came to revenue percentage BlackBerry [1.35 per cent] held a narrow lead over Windows Phone [0.35 per cent] as well as Symbian [0.84 per cent] and Others took care of 10.03 per cent of revenue.