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Rackspace launches UK-based super-fast MongoDB DBaaS

Rackspace has launched a new NoSQL MongoDB database-as-a-service [DBaaS] at its UK data centre to enable it to offer its European customers a credible option for big data applications.

ObjectRocket, which it acquired back in February 2013, allows it to establish a strong presence in the NoSQL database market by offering a sharded and fully managed MongoDB service built with a range of tools and APIs to maximise uptime and reduce administration time.

“Bringing this technology to our local European customer base is integral to expanding the total service offering available from our UK data centre. We can now provide MongoDB with low latency, high-bandwidth proximity to our other cloud and hosting solutions,” said Nigel Beighton, VP Technology at Rackspace International.

The solution is supported by Rackspace’s Fanatical Support and the firm has streamlined its MongoDB delivery to allow customers to benefit from a service that has been optimised for MongoDB across all layers of the stack, from the network to the file system and the hardware.

ObjectRocket’s fast performance is illustrated by internal benchmarking tests that show it produced a consistent latency that is 10 times faster than its closest DBaaS competitor. In addition, it met all target throughputs, up to 10,000 ops per second – three times as fast as its DBaaS competitors.

“At ObjectRocket we set out from day one to make the highest performing, available and scalable MongoDB-as-a-Service”, said Chris Lalonde, ObjectRocket co-founder. “Our services are designed by engineers and for engineers. In today’s world you never know if you're going to need to support 10 transactions per second or a million transactions per second and customers demand a solution without administrative complexity.”

There are a variety of pricing plans available that depend on the individual company’s data storage requirements and those signing up online can get a one month trial immediately.