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iZettle welcomes developers through iOS SDK

iZettle has released its first software development kit [SDK] to enable developers to add and integrate payment services in all manner of mobile apps on iOS with an Android version to follow.

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The SDK, which is freely available at, can be utilised in any country where iZettle is operating and follows the company’s API that was launched back in 2012.

“Whether you have developed an app with a totally new take on point-of-sale systems for cafés, or a Craigslist-like app matching buyers and sellers in the physical world, iZettle’s SDK can easily be implemented to ensure the payment process runs like clockwork for both customers and businesses” stated Jacob de Geer, iZettle co-founder and CEO.

iZettle currently operates in the UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Mexico, and Brazil with developers in all those place able to incorporate the technology in to iOS apps and an Android SDK will be released later in the year.

“The iZettle SDK integration process is well-designed, comprehensive, and straight-forward. The technology gives our app the functionality it needs with the security our users demand,” said Travis Kellerman, senior vice president of operations for PosLavu, a manufacturer of point of sales systems.

iZettle has been offering payments services since it was launched back in 2010 in Sweden and has a range of rates depending on the amount of transactions a business processes each month.

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The new ‘Smart Rate’ model sees the company’s standard 2.75 per cent transaction fee falls as low as 1.5 per cent for high frequency users and the more transactions made through iZettle, the cheaper it ends up being. For example, those that process over £5,000 a month pay 1.92 per cent and for £13,000 a month it drops to 1.5 per cent.