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Rumour: Windows 10 RTM set for October this year, not April 2015

Microsoft Windows 10 may get its release six months earlier than planned with rumours swirling that an October 2014 date is being preferred over the original date of April 2015.

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Twitter user WZor reported that Microsoft will bring forward the date for the Windows 10 release to manufacturer [RTM] version from April 2015 to 21 October 2014 and the company could provide a sneak peak of the OS at the Build conference later this year.

“hey men ~ Win 9 released in April 2015? No! No! No! ..WIN RTM-0 RELEASED SIGN-OFF DEALINE IN 21 OCTOBER 2014 :),” stated the Tweet.

The RTM version is a final software version that is traditionally released earlier to PC manufacturers to allow them to ship the software with new machines and the public gets access to the software shortly after this.

Windows 10 is currently being codenamed ‘Threshold’ by Microsoft and it’s widely rumoured it will be the “OS to rule them all” that offers complete cross platform functionality across the desktop, tablet, and Windows Phone platforms as well as Xbox One.

Other rumoured features include the much requested return of the Start menu that has been absent for some time and significant changes to the primary interface may even see the OS boot straight to the desktop from startup.

Microsoft most recent OS update came with Windows 8.1, which built on the raft of complaints and errors that were a part of Windows 8, going some way to address the shortfalls.

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All eyes will now be on the Build conference in April when Microsoft is set to debut a “vision announcement” for Windows 10, which will be the first time it has done such a thing since Microsoft unveiled Longhorn [which became Vista] in 2003.

Jamie Hinks
Jamie Hinks

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