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Virtualisation and cloud management

Gone are the days when virtualisation was limited to simply increasing levels of server utilisation. The virtualisation market is now a central provider of desktop, application, server, storage and network solutions, the majority of which are based in the data centre.

However, the management of a combined heterogeneous physical and virtual data centre that serves a distributed user base is a big challenge. Cloud computing has complicated this situation even further, by introducing the provision of services from third-party suppliers. The management level is now responsible for providing interoperability between multiple technology solutions, as this whitepaper demonstrates.

It is likely that, as virtualisation and the cloud further spread their wings, the enterprise and IT supply chain will be at risk of becoming more fragmented than they already are.

As the whitepaper details, in order to combat this disruption, a single control point to unify all elements is necessary. While management alone cannot solve the problem that new technologies can cause, treating the entire IT infrastructure as a single entity can drastically reduce compatibility problems.

Infrastructure management must be all-encompassing and link events with activities, in order to make it easier for IT and business managers to quickly track operational costs and performance.

To address these issues, HP has developed CloudSystem, an open and heterogeneous ready-to-go pre-integrated appliance than enables organisations to build and manage a mixture of physical and virtual environments. The whitepaper explains how to implement CloudSystem to streamline and optimise your business processes.

To learn more, download the whitepaper below.