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Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer hails 2014 as "tipping point" for tech

Marissa Mayer has dubbed 2014 a "tipping point" in the world of technology.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum this week, the Yahoo chief said that the meteoric rise of smartphones, combined with apps, increased bandwidth and the Internet of Things (opens in new tab), will radically change the way people behave in everyday life.

She believes that apps have a particularly large role to play in this transformation. According to Mayer, 150,000 people recently allowed people to stay in their homes because of Airbnb and over 1.5 million have paid strangers to do daily errands on their behalf via TaskRabbit (opens in new tab).

The emergence of a sharing economy was also highlighted by Mayer as something to keep an eye out for.

Back in October last year, professor Klaus Toepfer, the director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies said, "Don't own. Share (opens in new tab)," identifying today's waste materials as the business of the future.

2014 has already been touted as the year that will bring the Internet of Things to the forefront of our minds, and Mayer appears to agree.

"Because when you've got the Internet of Things – and you know where your car is or you know exactly what is happening in your home and you can verify who the person is [and] who's going to be renting and sharing it with you – it makes connecting and trusting those people that much easier, and that's going to change everything very fundamentally," Mayer said.

She also claimed that Yahoo expects, for the first time, more of its users to access its services via mobile phones and tablets than on increasingly unpopular PCs (opens in new tab).

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