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Apple to release iOS 7 patch to stop random iPhone shutdowns

Apple said today that an upcoming software update will fix a problem that has resulted in random iPhone and iPad shutdowns.

"We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash," an Apple spokeswoman said.

In the wake of the September release of iOS 7, users started reporting that their phones would shut down despite having battery power in the double digits.

"The battery was at about 18 per cent, 20 per cent, and 36 per cent when it shut down," one iPhone 5 owner wrote on the Apple forums on 20 September.

Another user, however, reported the shutdowns when his iPhone was at 85-90 per cent power. "The only thing that has changed is the ios 7 update," he wrote. "My phone has turned itself off about 6 times since the update and it doesnt even let me turn it back on, i have to wait for the phone to turn itself back on."

The problem does not appear to be limited to one particular Apple device; those in the forums reported shutdowns on the newest iPhone 5s , as well as iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s, while another had issues with an iPad 3.

On my own iPhone 5 with iOS 7, I've noticed that the phone will shut down shortly after the power level reaches 20 percent. Sometimes it will restart on its own and sometimes I have to plug in to recharge.

Apple did not say when its update will roll out, but Apple on Monday released beta four of iOS 7.1, so a formal release should follow shortly.

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