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Tech Weekly Podcast 1: Smarter cities, CES 2014, and wearable tech

On this, the latest episode of the ITProPortal Tech Weekly Podcast, we on the team talked, bantered and argued about what's new in tech, and what you need to know to stay ahead.

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First off, what exactly is a smarter city? We've heard this term bandied around for years, and we're sick of people using it without knowing what it means. But what's behind the hype?

Turns out the answer is almost unbelievably complicated, bringing in everything from infrastructure to government and the Internet of things, big data analytics to telecoms and 4G. Aatif Sulleyman told us why local authorities are being let down by national governments when it comes to the development of the Internet of things, and how our quality of life could be enormously improved by the true implementation of smarter cities.

We also took a look at why the Ministry of Defence is funding research into Internet of culture, often handing out hundreds of thousands of pounds for research into how people behave online. Is this a good-spirited attempt to understand the way our modern world works, or is it – as Big Brother Watch have suggested – something a little more sinister? Paul Cooper gives us the facts, and the other members of our panel weigh in for debate.

Next up is wearable tech, and why British people still seem suspicious of this latest technological change.

Are we Luddites, or are we just too fashion-conscious to wear a gadget on our face or wrist? Alysia Judge tells us what she thinks about the latest trends, and why wearable tech might have a little further to go before it's a common sight on UK streets.

To finish up, James Laird drops his verdict on CES 2014, what's next for Apple going into the New Year, and why the next iPad will be an iPad Pro. He also gives us his views on the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, why it could be a real boon for professionals, and what he thinks will be the summer's must-have gadget for children.

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