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Android receives world's first artificially intelligent mobile security system

Defence company Zimperium has just launched the world's first security solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for mobile devices.

Zimperium claims that there has as yet been no programme that can detect, notify and protect against cyber-attacks deployed through mobile devices. zIPS and zConsole are two products that aim to address chronic failings in mobile security that is often limited to protection against predefined types of threats.

zIPS is being heralded as the world's first mobile IPS (intrusion prevention system) that uses AI to detect advanced cyber-attacks. Leveraging algorithms and machine learning, the network security appliance will monitor a smartphone or tablet's behaviour, safeguarding the device by flagging up unusual usage patterns.

zCONSOLE, meanwhile, is a cloud-based unified threat management platform. Through it, IT managers can monitor zIPS devices entering and leaving a company's network. Consequently, businesses will now be able to monitor and detect network attacks as each device joining it works as a sensor.

"With zIPS, corporations will now have the opportunity to use BYOD as an advantage to their security. zIPS is the first security solution that can combat modern cyber-attacks on mobile. There is already evidence of attacks that are happening to infiltrate organizations, which only zIPS can prevent," says Zuk Avraham, Zimperium's founder and CEO who prior to starting the company worked with the military and Samsung electronics as a security researcher.

zIPS is now available for all Android devices, which is good news considering a recent report found that in 2013 99% of all mobile malware attacks were targeted at Android. An iOS beta expected to unveil soon.