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In Win 904 preview: design desktop PC enclosure

The In Win 904 is a computer chassis with a different look. If you like design, this In Win case is definitely worth a closer a look. There are some things to consider prior to purchase, however, so keep reading.

The In Win 904 has a unique design that goes behind the use of smoked glass and thick aluminium. With a recommended price of £150 it's not that expensive for what you get, but it's more than what many other enclosures cost.

It's obvious you buy a chassis like this for its design, and that performance takes second place. If you're more interested in design, you're likely willing to make sure that the cooling is in order, either by building a modest systems or by adding more fans. Nevertheless, we put it through our standard series of rigorous tests to find out how it compares to the competition.

The In Win 904 is a bit unique in its design and therefore difficult to compare, so the ones we picked vary widely in price, from more affordable to significantly more expensive. You can read the rest of this preview on