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Tech Weekly podcast 2: Google Glassholes, IBM's cloud investment, the Internet of Things and 3D babies

We advise listening to the latest episode of the ITProPortal podcast from your specially built apocalypse bunker. As the team discovered this week, not only is your fridge out to hack you, but an army of 3D printed babies is being engineered that wouldn't look out of place as a set piece on a sci-fi horror movie.

The panel this week joining Wayne Scott is James Laird, Aatif Sulleyman and Alysia Judge.

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First up, James weighs and measures the UK launch of the Moto X smartphone and finds it wanting in a few areas, especially when compared with its US counterpart. Then the team dissects a landmark wearable technology case where a US driver was cleared of all charges relating to driving under the influence - of Google Glass.

Next, Aatif wades in to give his verdict on IBM's massive new investment into data centres.What does it mean for the technology behemoth's global reach? And how will the ripples be felt throughout the cloud market as a whole?

Alysia then examines news that with the rise of smartphones, smart TVs and now even smart fridges, hackers are being given unprecedented access to people's homes. What does this mean for the future of the Internet of Things? Is this an early insight into a dystopian future where your every move is watched, or are we just scaremongering?

Speaking of dystopian, the team finishes up with a look at the 3D printing phenomenon. With the news that 3D babies are being created from scans of the womb, are there any limits to what can be manufactured?

Articles features in this episode:

Google Glass ticket binned due to flimsy evidence

Moto X arrives: Motorola smartphone launching in UK on 1 February for £380

IBM throws over $1bn into cloud and data centre market

The great refrigerator hack: Latest cyber-spam weapon is smart

3D tech enables parents to hold babies before birth

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