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Google Glass 2.0: Hip makeover unveiled as launch nears

Google has introduced a new range of frames for its smartglasses that are compatible with prescription lenses.

Dubbed 'The Titanium Collection', the frames come in four different styles and a range of colours with the additional sunglasses option.

The new range should address some of the criticism faced by the California-based company that the wearable technology offered no style or variability.The four designs, as shown above, are Bold, Curve, Thin and Split.

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The actual Glass hardware is attached to the right of the frame with a single screw. To counter the additional weight, the frames – as the name suggests – are made of titanium.

Google Glass is still not on public sale, however 'Glass Explorers' can purchase the frames through Google for $255 (£136) and attach the hardware to their devices themselves.

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Glass is expected to be made publicly available towards the end of this year, however those wanting to get their hands on a pair of the smartglasses before then can join Google's expanding Explorer program for $1,500 (£903).

Steve Lee, Google Glass product director, told CNET that the four designs were based on current trends in the eye care industry, and that the addition of prescription lenses was the most-requested improvement from Glass Explorers.

"We think they'll accommodate most people's tastes," Lee said. "Anybody who is familiar with the process of getting [an eyeglasses] prescription filled will be familiar with how you get prescription Glass."