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How to monetise a secure chat service

Encryption enterprise guru David Gurle told us how Perzo has found a unique technique for monetising his secure communication network.

Find out how "intent detection" could be the future of online advertising, and what one innovative startup is doing to make money by giving us what we want.

David told us in detail how Perzo could detect human behaviour with a reliability of 95 per cent, and how machine learning powers the lucrative business of ambitiously targeted advertising, so Perzo's money-making system works just like the human brain.

David Gurle is Founder & CEO of Perzo Inc, a secure email and SMS service.

Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper

Paul has worked as an archivist, editor and journalist, and has a PhD in the cultural and literary significance of ruins. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, The BBC, The Atlantic, National Geographic, and Discover Magazine, and he was previously Staff Writer and Journalist at ITProPortal.