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HP not dumping Windows 8 in favour of Windows 7

HP has no plans to drop Windows 8 even though it has started to openly market a range of Windows 7 PCs through its website once again.

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The firm, which started to market the devices running the older version of Microsoft’s OS last week, admitted it wants to give customers the choice to buy machines that run both OS versions.

“Whether you’ve been reading the tech news blogs – or just saw an ad on our HP Shopping page, you’ve probably been asking yourself, “Why is HP selling Windows 7 PCs in a Windows 8 world?” The answer is dead simple: Choice. We like giving our customers the option to get the computer that’s right for them,” stated an HP blog post.

HP began promoting “back by popular demand” Windows 7 PCs on the company home page just over a week ago and is the only renowned PC seller that is currently doing so. Other firms in the same market, including Dell, Lenovo, and Acer, offer Windows 7 PCs but they are kept hidden away in online stores and targeted at enterprise and business customers.

Rumours had started to emerge that the firm thought that consumers had lost confidence in the latest version of Windows and that it would be better off selling PCs shipping with Windows 7, something that HP was at pains to deny

“We want people to be happy with our computers – whichever option they choose – BUT WE ARE NOT DROPPING WINDOWS 8,” HP’s blog added.

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Microsoft Windows 7 remains the most popular OS on the planet with a huge 47.52 per cent chunk of the market that rose in December from the 46.64 per cent it took in November. Both Windows 7 and 8 are likely to gain market share once Windows XP reaches its end of life [EOL] cycle in April.