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IBM Cloud manages identities and access for continuous compliance and reduced risk

As organisations strive to securely deliver high-quality, high-availability services to their user communities, they grapple with cost control and ever-changing user populations, access points, and applications. But that is only part of a larger challenge related to identity and access management (IAM). Services must be delivered solely to the right people, with the right privileges-whether employees, suppliers, partners or customers. This is becoming more important, yet more difficult to achieve.

This downloadable whitepaper highlights:

  • Validates the authenticity of all users who access resources
  • Monitors that user access follows appropriate use policies and
  • is consistent with regulations
  • Takes corrective action where violations exist
  • Provides accountability and transparency for user entitlements
  • throughout the user lifecycle
  • Enables ongoing audits of user activity to enforce policies and
  • aid compliance.

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