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Lenovo expands business units from two to four as it increases focus on enterprise and mobile

Lenovo is reorganising the company into four distinct business groups in order to try and gain a foothold in a wider range of sectors including smartphones and servers.

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The refresh will see the company’s core business groups grow from two to four that are defined as PC, Mobile, Enterprise, and Ecosystem and Cloud, and it is effective from 1 April 2014.

“The new structure will help us be even faster, more focused and more efficient in providing innovative products and services to an incredibly diverse global market with a wide range of technology needs. We know we must anticipate the next set of opportunities for our company, and we are preparing our organization for the future. This way Lenovo can not only continue as the world PC leader, but become a true leader in the PC+ era,” stated Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo.

The PC Business Group, which includes the Lenovo and Think brands, is being led by Gianfranco Lanci, who currently heads up Lenovo EMEA, and it will try to expand upon Lenovo’s core PC business across the world.

Mobile is led by current Lenovo Business Group head Liu Jun, with the remit to facilitate the firm’s move into the upper echelon of world leaders in the smartphone and tablet markets as well as leading the firm’s smart TV business.

Gerry Smith, currently head of Lenovo’s Americas Group, is tasked with leading the Enterprise group that includes both servers and storage, with the recently acquired IBM x86 server business integrated into Smith’s unit.

Lastly the Ecosystem and Cloud Services unit, which includes Android and Windows opportunities, is led by current CTO George He, with the remit to continue growing the firm’s China ecosystem and strive for further monetisation and ecosystem expansion.

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Additionally, Peter Hortensius, who was head of the Lenovo Think Business Group unit, becomes the new head of research and technology as well as CTO, with Jun and Smith both promoted from senior VP to executive VP.