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Samsung brings €299 Ultra-HD starter pack to European consumers

Samsung is bringing its Ultra-HD 4K starter pack in Europe this March as well as a deal to provide Netflix 4K content via its TV sets on the continent.

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The announcement, which was made at the 2014 Samsung European Forum in Malaga, Spain earlier this week, saw a 1TB hard-drive with 50 Ultra-HD films preloaded that is designed to take advantage of Samsung’s Ultra-HD sets.

“We’re excited to bring Samsung’s ultimate immersive experience with our new lineup of Ultra-HD TVs to UK consumers,” said Guy Kinnell, Head of TV and AV at Samsung Electronic UK & Ireland. “These new TVs, together with our innovative new audio products, truly take the home entertainment experience to the next level.”

The hard-drive, which will cost €299 [£246], includes a number of feature films from FOX and Paramount Pictures including Life of Pi and Star Trek: Into Darkness, according to Advanced Television, as well as Netflix 4K.

“Samsung is making sure that customers have access to 4K content. We will offer a 360-degree Ultra-HD solution. This will include Netflix from March and our Ultra-HD video pack,” Michael Zoller, senior director of European sales and marketing at Samsung, confirmed.

The firm added that its sets support all of the latest Ultra-HD standards including HEVC, HDMI 2.0, MHL 3.0 and HDCP 2.2 as it strives to build an offering that can support as many content partners as possible.

Netflix introduced Ultra-HD 4K video streaming back in November 2013 with a variety of example video clips and anyone with an Ultra-HD set has already been able to stream certain content.

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Samsung used the same forum to show off a range of new TV sets that include the world’s first and largest curved Ultra-HD set as well as a full range of both curved and Ultra-HD TVs.