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Bing Rewards hits iOS and Android but not Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Bing Rewards program is being rolled out to mobile devices as iOS and Android users become the first to be able to earn credits whilst searching and plans already afoot to bring the service to Windows Phone.

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The search engine rewards program is designed to increase the service’s market share by rewarding customers with credits that can be redeemed for gift cards at brands including, Xbox, Skype and Dominos, or credits can be donated to a local school or charity.

“We are rolling out the ability to search and earn and take advantage of offers right from your phone. Over the next several months we’ll be extending nearly all of the Bing Rewards features our members love on the PC to these mobile experiences,” stated Bing’s blog.

Bing Rewards was launched by Microsoft back in September 2010 and was originally available to just PC users and logging into a Microsoft Account or Facebook is still the only way to redeem credits earned across any platform.

“We’ll be adding the ability to redeem your credit balance in the mobile version of the redemption centre so you can redeem and easily use digital gift cards and coupons when you’re on the go. For now when you’re ready, go to the Bing Rewards redemption centre on your PC to redeem credits for a selection of gift cards, donations, and sweepstakes entries,” Bing added.

Support for Windows Phone devices is “coming soon” and the Bing Rewards launch on mobile comes after a year in which Microsoft completely revamped its search engine in order to try and keep pace with Google and various other competitors.

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At the last check comScore numbers for December 2013 in the US market showed that Google accounted for 67.3 per cent of the market whereas as Microsoft had the second highest share on 18.2 per cent.